Friday, 16 January 2015

Saubhagya Lakshmi Upanishad

Saubhagya Lakshmi Upanishad With intent minds, all of you Gods, listen! With the aid of the fifteen verses beginning with the verse 'hiranyavarnam' (of the hue of gold), etc., meditate on the four-armed Sri (the Goddess of Prosperity), whose form is that of the Fourth, who is beyond the Fourth, who is supreme over all, who is present in all consecrated seats, and who is encircled by the divinities of the seats, major and minor. Filling the mouth with breath, and in Fire's seat Drawing the down-breath, there arresting, With fingers six of hands, from thumbs commencing Stopping the ears, eyes and nostrils, too, Yogins behold along this way The inner light; their minds wrapt in the course Of varied musings on the sacred Om. The vital breath moves on to Largest Space,The sure abode of all perfections; thence, Ignoring mind's delight, the breath pervades All yogic seats. Yoga achieved, the all-pervading sound Tinkles and hence is 'the tinkler' styled. Then, integrated, the mind is adored Of sages like Sanaka and the rest. Like salt in water melted and fused, So self and mind in oneness are blended. That concentration is styled. Breath dwindles and mind dissolves And Bliss homogeneous is found. This is concentration. Rid of the light of wakefulness, And of the mind that dreams; Rid of sleep that knows none other, Free of all that causes pain; Total void without reflections -Such is concentration. Whither-soever the mind wanders There, just there, is the prime abode; There, just there, is supreme Brahman That abides alike everywhere. The wheel of the palate: There flows the immortal elixir; the image of the tiny bell is in the orifice whence is suspended 'the royal tooth' (the uvula) the tenth opening. One should meditate on the void there. The dissolution of the mind-stuff takes place.