Monday, 19 January 2015

Akshi Upanishad (The adepts) know Yoga to be the non-knowing (of plurality), the spontaneous attrition of the (object-seeking) mind. Rooted in Yoga, perform actions, or, averse (to all actions), perform (them) not at all. With a mind disciplined through devotion to the Shastras, teacher, and the company of the virtuous, he truthfully masters the entire body of knowledge including the secret doctrines. Fixing his steady mind on the truthful import of the Shastras and busy with the recitation of spiritual texts proper to the hermitages of the ascetics, he expends his long life, seated on a bed of stone or a slab, diverting himself with ramblings in the forest, made beautiful by his placid mind. The first three states are said to be the waking state; the fourth is called the dream state. And the mind dissolves like the fragments of an autumnal cloud. He who reaches the fifth stage survives but as bare being. Due to the dissolution of the mind in this stage the world-manifold does not present itself at all. Therefore, thou sinless one, renouncing everything, be devoted to Truth. Think: I am Brahman, solid Intelligence and Bliss, free from impurity, holy, lifted above mind and words, beyond the darkness of ignorance, beyond all appearances. This is the secret doctrine.