Monday, 2 February 2015

Kaivalya Upanishad Higher than heaven, seated in the cave (Buddhi), that shines, (which) the self-controlled attain - the self-controlled, who being of pure minds have well ascertained the Reality, by the knowledge of Vedanta, and through Sannyasa or renunciation. In the sphere of Brahma, at the time of cosmic dissolution, they all get liberated from the highest (apparent) immortality of the manifested universe. Again, through his connection with deeds done in previous births, that very Jiva returns to the dream-state, or the waking state. The being who sports in the three cities (viz., the states of wakefulness, dream and profound sleep) - from Him has sprung up all diversity. He is the substratum, the bliss, the indivisible Consciousness, in whom the three cities dissolve themselves. From This spring up Prana (Vitality), mind, all the organs, sky, air, fire, water and the earth that supports all. That which is the Supreme Brahman, the soul of all, the great support of the universe, subtler than the subtle, and eternal - that is thyself, and thou art That. "That which manifests the phenomena, such as the states of wakefulness, dream and profound sleep, I am that Brahman" - realising thus one is liberated from all bonds.